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Welcome to Analog Research-Technology.

We have moved!

Yes, after 41 years, in our original location, we have moved into a new facility. It is a nice, new building, with lots of lighting, storage space, electrical outlets, and most importantly, a modern HVAC system. While we have "down-sized" somewhat (3 listening rooms down to 1), the lab space has been increased, as that is a major reason why we needed to move into a different facility. While we are still sorting out the minor details, we are to the point (as of this writing, Jan. 2019) to where we can resume producing products.

That is the good news. The bad news is minimal. We have not decided what products will continue to be made, which will be changed into a different version, which ones will no longer be produced, and what new products are in the works. (Two products that we are kicing around are a Legato version with I2S outputs. And a DAC, based on the old AD1862 chips, that will talk to the "I2S Legato".) (At this point, some will say "Hey, we tried to get you guys to make an I2S version, years ago, but you wouldn't!" Yes, but that was mainly because everyone wanted it done their way, with their pin-out, etc. Now, if we make one, it will be the way we want it to be, mainly because it will be designed to work with one of our products. So, there!)

The big "bad news" is that we are not going to announce where the new building is located. The main reason for this is twofold. One, to be honest, we are tired of local electronics reps showing up, unannounced, and wanting to waste our time showing us products that we could never or will never use. If they were not so persistent, maybe we would not feel this way. But, after all these years, it has worn on our nerves (ok, mostly mine, since I am the only person there all day), so we are confident they will never find us! Second, we do get irritated when someone buys one of our old products (something made 30 years ago!) on ebay, and sends it back, without notifying us and demands that we update it to current specs.

HUH? Current specs? For something that has not been made in 30 years? Seriously? Yes.

So, long story short, unless you are a "recent" customer, we are going to be a bit harder to track down. Of course, our contact info is still on this site, and unless you are a "bot", you will still be able to figure out how to contact us. If you are an ebay buyer, and you are able find this site, you will have to contact us FIRST, in order to get our shipping address. (Of course, once we inform you that there are no "current specs", you will save both of us a lot of grief and expense. See how easy that is?) In addition, we managed to retain our orignal phone number. So, if you have that number, you will still be able to contact us. Please keep in mind that we will not be using that number, as a our primary number. Which means when you call it you MUST leave a message. (Which isn't that hard, is it?) Our new primary number will not show up, in any search, unless you know the name of the individual it it listed under. (And it isn't someone who is part of the company!)

Yes, some of you will find this approach to be silly, and not conducive to doing business. Ok, maybe, probably, but let's be honest: after doing this for 41 years, well, we're all starting to show our age, and let's just say we are all now just as grouchy as one of us has always been!


While we are working on updating the website (something we are notorious for never doing), please follow this link to the old AR-T website:

OK, enough stuff that no one really cares about. Back to the original propaganda schtick! Maybe some day we will think up some new schtick. (OK, let's be honest...........probably not! Besides, it would still be more of the same, so why bother?)

We only build products that we would own, and listen to, in our own homes. Our customers can rest assured that all of our products are built to demanding standards. All products carry a 3-year warranty, and come with a "30 days, no questions asked" return policy. All of our products are designed for 120 VAC or 240 VAC, and 50 or 60 Hz operation.

Over the last 35 years, we have produced Class AB amps, phono preamps, line stage preamps, CD players, D-A converters, power conditioners, electronic crossovers, and now, Class D amps, and USB audio devices. Times change, as do all of our needs. Our product line, therefore, reflects our current needs. It will continue to evolve.

We look forward to the opportunity to bring you musical enjoyment, through our products.




ANALOG RESEARCH TECHNOLOGY: Years of design experience in all phases of analog electronics, ranging from DC to microwaves.


Typical listener/user comments:

"What a sweet spot!  You don't have to sit with your head in a vise!"

"Wow.  My search is over!"

"Now THAT'S what I wanted all along!" 

"I love 'em!"

"These things SING!"

"My digital system finally sounds like my analog system! You guys are amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you."