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The Legato USB-SPDIF Asynchronous Converter

  • Asynchronous operation, using Streamlength © technology.
  • Transformer output provides for complete galvanic isolation.
  • Self-contained power supply, draws no power from computer.
  • Extremely low jitter internal clock, provides for highest level of performance possible.
  • True 75 ohm output impedance, with military-grade BNC connector.
  • Works with the drivers supplied with your computer.

The Legato S/PDIF Asynchronous converter was designed as a no-compromise unit. One that would satisfy the needs of the most serious computer audio enthusiast, who wants the maximum playback experience from their Redbook CDs. Yet, do so at a price that makes it attractive to a beginner in the world of computer audio. In order to avoid costly compromises, needed to accomodate multiple sampling rates, the Legato operates only at 44.1 kHz.

The Legato reflects our expertise in the design of RF equipment. We not only believe that the Legato has the lowest jitter, of any S/PDIF converter, but we also feel it has the most tightly controlled output impedance available. While these overly-technical points may not translate well to the layman, it is these key design features that allow the Legato to provide a level of performance that will be difficult to match. In addition, by using the Streamlength © asynchronous technology, we are proud to manufacture a unit that will take a back-seat to no other competing unit.

For a more detailed explanation of the Legato, its operation and features,
"The scoop on the Legato"
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For those of you who may want to see some other views of the Legato, here are some photos, submitted by one of our satisfied customers.   

Great news! The Legato is now available, in black, on special order. (Yes, that means it costs more.)
Only other problem is that 1.) it might fade, and 2.) it shows up a lot of fingerprints. Don't say we didn't warn you.




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