Dual Mono Class D Power Amplifiers


class D amplifier

These amplifiers are based on a recent generation of Class D amplifier modules. Class D operation offers the advantage of lower power consumption than traditional Class AB operation. As a result, no costly heat sinks are needed to dissipate heat, as there is essentially no heat to dissipate. This also allows for a clean mechanical design, unencumbered by sharp, pointed heat sink fins.

However, in the past, Class D operation was not regarded as being worthy of audiophile consideration. With the new generation of Class D amplifier modules, they now are a serious option for audiophiles. We are pleased to be among the first to produce products using these new technologies.

In Italian, the word "velluto" means velvet. Italian audiophiles reserve the term to describe a superlative sounding product, one that is worthy of such praise. We are very proud of our new amplifiers, and the initial response that listeners had when first hearing them inspired the name.

Velluto amplifiers are available in 250 W (2.7 ohm) and 500 W (4 ohm) configurations.




ANALOG RESEARCH TECHNOLOGY: Years of design experience in all phases of analog electronics, ranging from DC to microwaves.


Typical listener/user comments:

"What a sweet spot!  You don't have to sit with your head in a vise!"

"Wow.  My search is over!"

"Now THAT'S what I wanted all along!" 

"I love 'em!"

"These things SING!"