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The Veloce USB-SPDIF Asynchronous Converter

Now getting it ready for you.

Preliminary info

  • Asynchronous operation, using Streamlength © technology.
  • 44 kHz sampling rate.
  • Works with the drivers supplied with your computer.
  • Transformer-coupled SPDIF output.
  • Operates with 9 V DC input.

The Veloce S/PDIF Asynchronous converter is basically a cost-reduced version of the Legato.

Because we are losing sales to places like Germany, since the stinking Legato weighs too dang much.

Plus, it will be less expensive, hoping that will entice more of you to buy one.

There, now you know the story. Feel better now?




ANALOG RESEARCH TECHNOLOGY: Years of design experience in all phases of analog electronics, ranging from DC to microwaves.


Typical listener/user comments:

"What a sweet spot!  You don't have to sit with your head in a vise!"

"Wow.  My search is over!"

"Now THAT'S what I wanted all along!" 

"I love 'em!"

"These things SING!"