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General Discussions / Re: New Legato and Legato Lite are in production
« on: October 18, 2019, 03:56:35 AM »
I'll be honest I haven't tried it yet because of lack of good DAC (I gave myself 1 month to finish my DAC).
Anyway, I think AR-T Legato is the best SPDIF source on the market. When I started looking for the source I found many ways\devices, but THIS ONE beat'em all.

P.S. I'll write how it sounds as soon as I'll finish my DAC.

General Discussions / Re: New Legato and Legato Lite are in production
« on: October 17, 2019, 01:46:31 PM »
I've got this amazing piece of art. That's definitely AR-T! Thank you very much!!!
It will be my first really HIGH-END source!

General Discussion / Appreciation for AR-T
« on: October 17, 2019, 01:31:30 PM »
I don't know how to name this thread, but it should be here somewhere.
Thank you very much for the AR-T Legato Lite!!! It looks superb & stunning!
I finally got it from a mail.
High-end SPDIF source!
Thank you!!!

(I tried to load photos of this amazing device, but maximum individual size 128KB and that won't look like in reality)

General Discussions / Re: New Legato and Legato Lite are in production
« on: August 05, 2019, 08:33:07 PM »
Thank you for the answer!

Based on how much it costs us to make one: yes. It does cost a lot more to make. It has lower loss (which really isn't that important), but the impedance is controlled better and is more even, down the length of the cable. And it does have more BW.
No more questions, I'd like to have one.

I don't get people who complain about the price of a $800 USB thingie, and then go out and buy a $900 USB cable. "But, it is special, because....................."

100 foot of what?
That belden cable.

We need to know how that little gizmo works, so get to it!
Oh, I wish I could make it faster (but I have "5 years in development" DAC).

General Discussions / Re: New Legato and Legato Lite are in production
« on: August 05, 2019, 05:49:04 PM »
Dear AR-T,
I need your advice, because I have doubts about purchasing that better cable with discount. Since, I'm not usually buy brand cables (to be honest it's little bit expensive for me), but fully believe in engineering approach (I saw many your posts with measurements; mouser's\digikey's prices for quality cables) and trust your words, I'd like to ask you - is it worth to buy the expensive one (U-BYTE 2 looks reasonable purchase)?
I saw this two plots: and And my inner perfectionist says me don't be a greedy person. Also, I think it's unfair to go with only that "free" cable, since you select for me so brilliant crystal -92db@1Hz in Legato Lite (I'll go without any cable for that price or with u-byte2). I have doubts with which cable I should go, it seems I need to sell that 100'.
Thank you!!!

ps. I'd like to thank you for SPDIF RX PCB, for all things and advices on the net! I'm feeling thrill of waiting for Legato Lite (it will be my main transport and probably best SPDIF source in my whole city at least)!

Are you sure it is the "same kind of cable"?
If it is, then that is the free one. The expensive one is better. (If you knew how much it costs per foot, you would think we are nuts for selling a cable that cheap.)

So, I'd like to buy the expensive one too. (It was my doubts that for that price it could be "same kind of cable" and if its even better I have no chances to get something similar for equal price and resonable lenght)

Thank you!

Oh, forgot to the plot is not ready, because.....................because.................I am either lazy or haven't found time to make it, but................

The phase noise @ 1 Hz offset...................

-92 dBc.

Everyone else is going to hate you.

Wow, that's really amazing!!!

Quote have to make a decision..................

You get a FREE BNC cable (with an adapter), with your unit. Or...................

You can buy our better cable, which normally costs $200, for only $150! But, only if you purchase it with your "Lite". If you buy it after it ships, it is $200. (Plus postage, of course!)

Let me know................we make all cables "to order", which is pretty much what we do with all of the crap that we make. (If it is "pre-assembled", it sits around, and runs the risk of someone dropping something on it. It has happened.......................don't ask!)

Let me know.

I have 100ft reel (of the same cable that goes with SPDIF RX PCB), that I've planned to put between AR-T Legato Lite and dac, but if its better one I'd like to buy it.

Oh, it will take some time since I haven't finished my DAC project yet, but I'll do (I have a good gut feelings for the improvements brought by this device). Thank you again!

Today I've received a parcel at the post office. Looks stunning. Thank you!

I'd like to buy Legato Lite.

this is going into a RX chip, that normally takes 0.5 V p-p, right?

The coax that is on it should be long enough. If not, you can probably use a twisted pair.
I'll use coax longer than 2m

Are you going to power it from +5V or +12V? If it is 12V, I will stick in the cheap regulator that drops it to 5V, for the main reg.
I'm going to power it with +5V.

It isn't like you can call me on the phone [ha!] and I can talk you through it, if you have problems.
Yes :)

Do you have any idea how hard it is to get stuff to the Ukraine?
I guess you do, since you have some sort of expediter.
That's true. The only reasonable way I've found.

I guess I will PM you, so that I can get your email address.
I'll be grateful!

Thank you!

 :) I should watch that movie (

Yes, we take PayPal. Where are you located?

I'm located in Ukraine, but with the shipping address in Port Reading, NJ (

Thank you!!!

I'd like to buy this one.
How can I pay for it (paypal or something else)?

BTW, how did you find out about us?

Fortunately! Yesterday, I was lucky to have had email conversation with the author of the schema and he shows me this forum. And made sensible advice!
(I was trying to use AD830; but having no related knowledge, experience and equipment makes that task almost impossible.)

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