Author Topic: New Legato and Legato Lite are in production  (Read 5168 times)

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Re: New Legato and Legato Lite are in production
« Reply #30 on: March 28, 2020, 02:12:44 PM »
OK, now that you have said something specific..............I will look to see what we can do. It will be an "orphan", meaning it will be the only one of its kind.

Would you be upset if we had to drill a hole, in the panel, to mount a DC connector? Trying to make these work from the USB power was not something we were satisfied with.

The other option................use the USB DC power, and maybe sell it at sharp discount, just to use up what we have on hand. Even if we break even, it would be parts off of the (inventory) book, and a little bit less space being taken up by parts.

From a money standpoint, I would rather do the former. But, if you want one bad enough, and want to save money, knowing that there might be a compromise using the USB power.................

Someone once suggested we make a special USB cable, that had a provision for the DC power. Maybe we can compromise and do that.

Now that I think about it....................might be a good compromise. And since we will only have to do it once, then I won't get too mad when I ruin 5 connectors, trying to make everything fit inside!